Designer and Webdeveloper

with a true passion for work.

I simply love clarity and intuitiveness,
    no matter if it`s a website, a poster or others.

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One can say, my career started when I began working in mediapress.net.pl as a graphic and web designer for a period of six months. At the time of highschool, thanks to this, it became clear that this would be the path that I would follow in the future. It was quite a fulfilling experience, as I had never learned graphics or programming before.

I already had a love for photography, which also influenced me, so I moved to Warsaw to study it. And so, at the time of photography studies I started an internship in Studio Melon. I went to Berlin for one week, to gain Analogue Photography experience, even using the darkroom where Wilhelm Roentgen worked many years ago. I took another photography course at the ZPAF (Polish Photographic Artists Association).

As the time passed, I became more and more involved with Graphics. I decided to study New Media Art at the Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology. The huge variety of subjects covered, helped me decide which way to move forward. From classic paintings, drawings, and graphics, through digital imaging and movies, I became more and more focused on programming. Interactivity was the way. I fell in love with Adobe Flash as it combined the easiness of implementing design, with great control over interactivity. I began to start work on my graduation project, together with my friend. This took us about three years, so...

I realised I had to find a job. I started working at Biuro Podróży Reklamy as a graphic designer. Since then I have been working hard on my web developer skills as my boss claimed I seem to be gifted in this area. Meanwhile I have completed my Bachelor`s degree studies in New Media Art. I have also learned to connect the Arduino chipset with Adobe Flash to be used together, whilst preparing graduation work that is a hybrid of PC and a classical board game.

Presently, I work as a freelance web developer and (mostly web) designer.

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Currently I am living in Breda (NL). You could try to catch me there, or...

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